Bad Boys 2 1080p Full Movie

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angie75kak says:

Wicked movie! Thanx 4 uploading. Could u upload any Jason Statham films, Humingbird, Safe, Chaos etc. Can’t find Safe anywhere. Thanx again mate! :-P

doverknight123 says:

Reggie is the black guy that hacked into the phone and sorted the shredded paper out

doverknight123 says:


doverknight123 says:

‘They fuck just like us

RingsOfNeptune says:

1:02:10 marcus is the greatest lol

Rhiannon Loughran says:


asiknihla asiknila says:


Jaquarin Scott says:

The train scene goes hard!

Jaison Varghese John says:

good movie ……………….

Samantha Paredes says:

What the fuck this is so funny

dheferson oliveira says:

TNC todos aqui fala emglis

BlackmopsHD says:

Man ur great hd quality great movie!

MustBmeable says:

1:59:24 the bearded guy looks like he get the job done!

Kallum ''Liz ard '' Baynam says:

great quality

Jonathan Yu says:

On 0:48:07, in a 4 on 2 shooting war.

Jonathan Yu says:

On 0:25:04 are jamacian people.

Summit Lawn Mower Co. says:

at 2:21:24 there is SOMETHING in the water lower right of the screen

TheMonarch334 says:

I luv dis movie “look at dalls on dat madafuka” hilarious! !!!!

lajpaal Ali says:

the devil is not welcome HERE!

Luis Almeida says:

Your life less , get a GF

Ataur Rahman says:

Austin Mitchell get a life

neb7851 says:

Why did u do that u ass

vith26 says:

1:13:19 Awesome intro! Will Smith is the best.

jlopez164414 says:

I love this movie

سلمان علي says:

والله حماس

paulsmith2470 says:

Reggie Dude Who The Fuck Is Reggie like this comment if you think this movie wouldn’t be the same with out Reggie

halolime117 says:

Great movie!! :D 

shadea sadler says:

his daughter ugly! super model lol angel lol his mom gangster! lol love this movie wen movies was good:)

Ibtisam Ahmed says:

bad boy, bad boy what are you gonna do when i come for you!.
love it!!!!!!

Bkthefirst says:

thats what youtube should be for

juan contreras says:

Best movie ever!!!^_^

Tomas Delrio says:

in spanish it can be plis¡?

leatherjacket16 says:

The budget for this movie was RIDICULOUS. It had a HUGE jump from the original. The original cost $17 million and this sequel cost $130 MILLION. REALLY? Wow…I don’t know if a third one could be made soon but it better be more like the original.

antonio silva santos says:

este fime eu gosto mnt

paulsmith2470 says:

niggar u at least 30

Dominic Sellwood says:

Greatest film since Star wars btw its fucking hilarious

TheJessicad771 says:

So coool and funny too

shaolin monks says:

LOL!!! “u guys tell me about it?”

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