Pokémon: Giratina & the Sky Warrior [Full Movie HD]

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Giratina is the sole Pokémon living in the Reverse World, a little-known realm adjacent to our own. Enraged when Palkia and Dialga disrupt time and space, it…


MrCheesyBaconBits says:

Was just checking up on some of the voice actors who play the characters for the anime and as a guy was surprised to find out ash is hot o_0

PlatinumLuigi360 says:

Thank u i couldnt find giratina and the sky warriror anywere on youtube

Leonie Jade Simpson-White says:

No way Shaymin is the Voice of Tails from Sonic x

matinlegolover says:

omg regigigas appeared o_O

craig chan says:

shaymin is so cute

rallyman619 says:

I think if they were the world would implode

Peter Figuereo says:

I wish pokemon was real

AxelWhiteFlames says:

Why is it zoomed in?

Alexander Ramirez says:

Regigigas is pissed

Santi Iniguez says:

Deyoxs destiny he comes out

Alexander Ramirez says:

Do u have rayquaza movie

Santi Iniguez says:

Ms joy is everywhere

DrewDoesRandom says:

oh that’s who it is sorry im new to pokemon D:

2002RANDOMGUY says:

that was shaymen, or how ever you spell it

DrewDoesRandom says:

hey poketorium do you know who that little hedgehog with the flowers is anyone tell me please

Ben Kutilek says:

You have every pokemon Movie but 1of my favorite movie 10

guy tasso says:

Poketorium you r the best nomatter what i love you but u need to know this dont upload everything at once your channel may get shut down which would suck but ur amazing

yi li says:

OMG 1:25:22: Giritina shoots rainbows out of its butt!! }——

CreepyPasta Leader says:

I hope you don’t mind but i’m using your videos into a playlist that I made for pokemon movies

CreativeGamer456 says:

I have wanted to watch this for years. When It first came out I couldn’t watch it because my mum wanted to watch Eastenders. Now I can. Poketorium you god. I fucking love you. Thank you! :D (No homo)

Greatwolf615 says:

Yay giratina is my favorite legendary

Guillermo Moreno says:

8th Comment (;

Poketorium says:

Thank You!

HØuSsaM PÃTiKkØ says:

You have no idea how much i appreciate this
Good work keep it up ;)

Vegeku3779 says:


Hunter Hart says:

Can you try and get The Spell of the Unown please

Poketorium says:

Ill probably do it later. Maybe after I finish a few seasons. Its so much work to upload it HD. Besides its going to take forever since I have to first find them. The First Movie is actually 6GB. So. Yeah.

Poketorium says:

Actually, I think I’m going to re upload everything in HD 720p quality. It’ll take time, but it’s worth it.

rexzhero says:

I like the quality could you ever make it so everything fit.

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