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angieee_franco_movies says:

+Joshua Graal check again i put the links

angieee_franco_movies says:

Here is how to see it on android: How to see Frozen Disney Full Movie on
Android (OR ANY MOVIE)

angieee_franco_movies says:

+Joshua Graal Yes, do you have an android device ? 

angieee_franco_movies says:

+Allaya Elis Want me to make a tutorial for android because I have an
android phone also?

artartart101 says:

Thank you very much!!!!!!

Monica Apre says:

i fell in live

Andrew Elephant says:

Thank you so much. I can finally watch this movie without a survey
Thanks again

kristen daisy says:

thank you very much 

vincent anthony says:

thankyuo so much ur so kind

ThePhantomsSinger says:

You beautiful human being! Thank you!

PvPing Pinata says:

I <3 you

Joshua Graal says:

ok so i am doing it on android don’t know if it will download or not memory
size but real player do i download from the site i didn’t see it in the
android store

Allaya Elis says:

It didnt workfor me but I. On android

Joshua Graal says:

I have a andoid device but not much memory so that wouldn’t really work
although i do have a iDevice and windows tablet would they be able to
download movies from the site?

Joshua Graal says:

Will the movies be available to be downloaded? so i can watch when i don’t
have internet

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